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Jamie Watford is a interior decorator, certified home stager, certified color consultant, holiday decor decorator, life and style blogger, foodie and wife.  JW Nash & co. is Jamie's company.  You will find on this blog Jamie's unique sensibility for home decor,  entertaining and sometime a little fashion.  

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Does staging really work?

Posted on January 12, 2018 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I get this question all the time does staging really work? Do I really need to stage my home?

And my answer is yes to both of those questions. My last two staged property sold in 3-days and 72-hours after hitting the market.

A staged home can get more return on your investment. And sales more quickly verses a non-staged home on the market. Staging is not that expensive in the long run. Just think of this the more time my property sits on the market sometimes can mean paying for two mortgages. Unless your property has not had proper routine maintenance, then it could cost you.

One quick and fairy inexpensive fixes is paint. Yes, paint! The dark red and beige paint colors are out. Lighting the walls with a soft gray or off-white is all the rage these days. This is a way to get top dollar for your house.

I always tell my clients the most important part of home staging is de-cluttering big bulky items have got to go. Hiding their personal care products, no one wants to see other people personal care. They need to envision themselves in the space with their own items. Going to The Container Store is always a great idea to get baskets to hide items in or tidy up the pantry. You always want everything to look very high-end. My other biggie is no personal photos of family members.

Staging is not decorating. Staging = getting top dollar for your property. At the end of the day buyers are looking for a home that looks and feels new even if it’s a resale. Still need help, and then call me I can help take your property from drab to fab!




Post from Brentwood Home Page

Posted on January 6, 2018 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This was a artice written 


By REBEKAH JONES, of the Brentwood Home Page


Every home deserves a spotlight; that’s what Jamie Watford of JW Nash & Co. believes.


JW Nash & Co. is a Franklin business owned and operated by Jamie Watford, a professional decorator and designer. According to the website, the “company focuses on helping sellers and real estate agents in the Middle Tennessee area prep up their residential property for sale.”


When you hire JW Nash & Co., to stage your home, you can be sure that it will be up to the highest standards and appeal to the largest potential market possible. Watford has advanced, lifestyle-friendly methods that will help brighten and open your home.



A client’s Christmas tree decorated by Watford. // Photo courtesy of JW Nash & Co.

According to her website, her passion for design began at a very young age. She said she remembers redesigning her teacher’s classroom in her notebook in only fourth grade.


Flash forward to 2008 and she was launching her very own business. JW Nash & Co. was intent on covering not only home staging, but interior design, color coaching and interior holiday décor.


Decorating for the holidays is one of Watford’s biggest passions.


“I guess it all started when I was a young child, I always could not wait until we got out the Holiday decor boxes out,” she said. “Today, Holiday decorations is a big part of my business. As the owner of JW Nash & Co., I am an Interior Decorator and Certified Home Stager. But for three months of the year, I focus on my holiday decorating services.”


Watford decorates for not only residential, but also commercial clientele. The company offers tree decorating services, wreaths, mantel and other vignettes, creating “one of a kind elegant and sophisticated rooms.”


It is also her second year volunteering her tree decorating services for Williamson Medical Center’s “Tree of Life” celebration. The tree is located in the lobby of the hospital.


“I volunteer my services in honor of my father that passed. He loved the holidays and was the first person to have his tree up and the last person to take down his tree,” Watford said. “This is a bright spot for me, and my way in giving back to the community.”


For more information on her services and holiday decorating details, call (615) 513-8593 or visit the website. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Other availability by appointment.


Happy Holidays from JW Nash & Co.

Love Heals Fashion Show

Posted on November 13, 2017 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Had the loveliest time at the Chico’s White House Black Market and Soma fall fashion show, at Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN. Chico’s has amazing collection this season. Ha, I probably say that every season. No, the holiday collection is amazing this year. There were a few pieces from White House Black Market. But I will be going to the mall to Soma for sure. I am all about some comfortable cloths. Soma has out done themselves this season with their collection. They have a black velvet PJ set, which was a show stopper.

The story that was shared by one of the graduates of Thistle Farms was moving. These women are survivors of human trafficking, prostitution and addiction. So, you could only imagine her story she stared. But what I learned is that Thistle Farms offers hope, community and employment for these amazing women. That wants to change their lives. If you’re in the Nashville area of follow Oprah Favorite Thing’s, you may have seen of the handcrafted, natural body and home products. Which the sales from the products directly benefit the woman who make these products. The products are wonderful. I suffer from dry chapped hands and I am always looking for a new hand lotion. The one they offer at Thistle Farms, it’s non-greasy and light. I have really liked this lotion and I have not had any cracked hands yet.

They also have a Café on site, this fashion show we did not get to experience the Café. But I will be back the menu looked amazing. I took a quick glance at the menu; I was surprised by the on trend menu offering. The décor and the overall feel of the Cafe were high-end. The other great thing is the woman benefit from the sales at Thistle Farms Cafe.

What can I say, I felt so empowered! “All” the employees, volunteers, partners and customers help keep these women of the streets. At Thistle Farms they have a credo, which just spoke to me heart is “LOVE”. There credo is, “love is the most powerful fore for change in the world.”

If you have not been to Thistle Farms, you must go. It’s truly amazing place. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Chico’s, White House Black Market and Soma this holiday season. Trust me everyone women on your list would be happy to receive something from one of these stores.


Thank you- Cheers!


Parade of Homes Witherspoon

Posted on October 16, 2017 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (1)

I had the pleasure of be being invited to the 2017 Parade of Homes, in the Witherspoon Community; it’s located in Brentwood, TN. The featured home was designed and built by Castle Homes, one of Nashville top design and building companies. The invitation was for the local media and bloggers. At first we were greeted by the lovely English woman, she was so welcoming the foyer was so light and bright. The style of this home would be Contemporary English Country. I think the custom millwork and trim, had me at Hell-o. The style was very elegant with clean lines, open-floor plan this home would be idea for entertaining any occasion.

The dining room chandelier was a gorgeous fringe light fixture it was just eye-catching. The fringe light fixture was large in scale but just perfect for the room. The something unexpected is just the best in any element of design.

The powder room was just elegant with the focal wall featuring glass tile. I had to touch-it because I thought it was wallpaper. I could not believe it glass tile. The custom white oak vanity was very impressive and gave the powder room that ‘wow’ factor. The other room that was very impressive to me was the study the stunning tracery celling was the something unexpected. The globe chandelier was on-point was well. The room fell just made me want to curl=p with a book and stay.

The living room with the beams gave the room the texture it needed to extend your eye on to the covered porch. The hand-carved limestone mantel will sure warm up this room on a cold Middle Tennessee night. The sofa screen was an unexcited feature. The flow of the floor plan was great in this Castle Home was we move on to the large gourmet kitchen. The antique brass pendants were a great choice in my option they had the same architectural details as the custom wooden scalloped hood. It gave the straight-line kitchen dimension. As, if any of you know me you know my love for everything in its “home” the organized butler’s pantry with featured a wine refrigerator. I could just live in here.

The master bed room was so calming after a long day at the office; you would really decompress and unwind in here. The custom drapes were the jewelry in this room for sure. The master bath had the clean lines with the marble floor and the white marble wrapped shower with infinity drain would be a great way to get ready in the morning or to unwind with the daily stresses.

The family work room would be ideal for an active family that really uses there home. Laundry, children doing their homework and flowers arranging could all take place here.

Upstairs in the casual den was amazing with the Indian daybed. A slipcovered sectional would be ideal for any SEC football game. There was a guest room and two children’s bedrooms upstairs. There were delightfully decorated as well. Then in the downstairs area the family entertainment space was perfect place to play a game of pool, the built-in wet bar was a nice feature. The workout room was very well set-up.

The photo of above is the amazing bulter's pantry. 

Over all this gorgeous Contemporary English Country, designed and built by Castle Homes was first –class thought-out. I was very impress.  If your in the Nashville area go check- the 2017 Parade of Homes.  You will not be disapointed.    I don’t get impress very easy, wink-wink especially if you know me. Thank you again, for the lovey morning English tea party.




What is your surface

Posted on June 16, 2017 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

What surface is right for your active family? I have been getting that question a lot with my clients lately. Truly this is a personal preference, what the clients want and what the reality of their budget is.

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Cambria showroom in Nashville, TN with my Greater Nashville RESA chapter. Cambria is a family company owned and America made natural quartz product. Their headquarters is in Le Sueur, MN. They have several options to choose from. They even release new options every year. Cambria releases new styles and colors every year.


Let’s start talking marble. That is what everyone wants to match or tie in with their gray walls. Marble is a porous surface, aka meaning it will stain very easy. However marble is timeless and classic. Downfall of marble it must be resealed every 1-2 years. Marble is heat resistant. Please note water will actually stains marble, so you better have a lot of paper towels on hand.

Next up quartz: Quartz is manmade natural surface. Quartz is stain, scratch, and heat, acid and impact resistant. Truly come is a wide variety of colors styles and options. The nice thing about quartz it maintenance friendly and non- porous surface. If you purchased quartz today and in ten years it will still look the very same. Meaning it does not have to be sealed. Quartz is very practical and easy to maintain.

Qurtzite is another option out there it’s all-natural stone. Needs to be sealed once per year from a maintenance standpoint. There are many options in colors, tones in spotting. It’s the sister surface to quartz. Which also come with a higher price-tag than quartz?

Soaptone is another surface I am seeing with the farmhouse style. It’s dense and non-porous. Soaptone does not scratch. However, you can find small imperfections which can typically can be buffed out with sandpaper. Downfall is it only comes in gray tones with varying patterns. It’s recommended to applying mineral oil.

Butcher block surface adds warmth and timeless. Adds that bit of warmth and character to all white kitchens which are timeless. The trend with the butcher block is to have that on the island and marble on the exterior countertops. The nice thing about the blucher blocks they are heat resistant. They must be sealed. A lot of family that enjoy cooking will choose the blucher block option.

Concrete countertops are not typical but they are an option. You can customize the thickness, edges style, color and texture. Concrete countertops must be sealed. You will find the concrete countertops in more a modern style home.

Granite is probably the most popular. Granite comes in a very wide colors and styles. Another option is if you want a polished or matte finish. If you happen to make a mess granite wipes up quickly. Granite needs to be sealed every year. The nice thing about granite it’s affordable. There are about 15 different grades. Your lower grade will have a lot of spot. The high-end options are more expensive, with less spots. There you will find solid in color, or having the marble details. That is where you will be in the 12-15 grade granite. You have to go and tag the granite; I personally think that is a fun part.


So, as you see there are a lot of options for your countertops. Just think about your family’s lifestyle, how much you use your kitchen. At the end of the day you must choose which solid surface is right with your wants and needs. Because you can achieve the same overall look with most of these countertops.

 Fun new color from Cambria 

If you’re at the conundrum stage of the game… You better call me and I can help you decide.





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Summertime = parties

Oh, it’s that time of the year here in TN. Weather is percent for a patio parties. Hosting a party is one of my favorite things to do. First thing to decide the guest list is the party going to be formal dinner, informal dinner, cocktail party, brunch or lunch or tea you get it. One of the most important items in hosting a party is how you’re going to invite your guest. On this blog post is all about the inivitations. There are so many parts of hosting a party; this will be one of many blog posts on party planning.

Invitations are the next item on the to-do list. I must say, there is something about going to mailbox and finding attractive invitation from someone. But invitations by phone or text are great for informal dinners, barbecues. Written invitations for events more formal in nature of having guest of honor should be sent by mail. On a formal invitations are often hand-written adress in calligraphy, this is where you would order from a third party company like (Paper Source)  This blog post is not sponcered by Paper Source.   This is when you see ‘black tie’ on the invitations. My favorite, everyone needs a little fancy in their lives. When placing a response card, it should be used for the reply verses than a handwritten response.

The other item to consider is timing of sending or inviting your guest. You really need to give your guest the right amount of time to respond. The rule of thumb I have gone by is formal dinners 4 to 6 weeks, informal dinners just a few days to 2 weeks. Cocktail parties 2 to 5 weeks, just depends how formal the event is going to be and the time of year. Summer months tend to be busier.

Now let’s talk about lunch. I love my ladies lunches, they are the best. Lunch with a friend is set-up/ planned by phone call, text or emails these days. But there are still some people that send formal lunch invitations especially if you’re honoring someone. This formal lunch is very popular for bridesmaid’s luncheon, wedding showers and baby showers. Again, it’s nice to get something besides snail mail.

Invitations enclosures are a great way to place all the items your guests are going to need for the big event. This is very popular for wedding invitations. Itinerary of the event is nice to have when there are multiple events. This is very important to out-of-town guest. Directions are another very important function of the invitation. What you’re going to include. So everything goes as a theme. Not considered as in afterthought.

Next let’s talk a little about party attire. Sometime people can get really hung up on what to wear. Trust me I have been there many of times. When you’re not for sure what others will be wearing it’s better to be dress down and dressed up. Or, you can do some checking into. Ask a friend that is attending or call the hosts. With whatever the dress code is just come neat, pressed and clean cloths.  Here are two of my favoite little black cocktail dresses.  The dresses are from Norstorm.  ( Again this blog post is not sponsored by Norstorm). 

Cheers- Happy planning. 


Ginger Jars

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It’s all about the ginger jar…

My new obsession blue and white ginger jars. Ginger jars originated in China not sure what century, became more popular in the Qin Dynasty. Ginger jar have along legacy even honoring the deceased. Gifts to Emperor for special occasions, weddings the jars are intended to last for a lifetime. What is the definition of a ginger jar? You may ask me. It’s a Chinese porcelain jar with a wide mouth and bulging body. The Chinese store a variety of goods in the jars, spices to ginger and that is how the name originated.

With my obsession it all started with these blue and white plates from Pottery Barn from this spring collection. They are both two different patterns. 

I just thought these plates are just stunning. Needless, to say the plates came home with me. Really not knowing where I was going to display them. But I know ginger jars are great when displaying on a dining room, coffee table display or flanking a kitchen sink. Or clustered on tables setting vignette with fresh flowers. When using ginger jars with my business in the staging world, I like to arrange on the mantle using varying shapes and heights. Adding interesting way to add interest to the focal point of the living room. Because in at staging situation it’s about to sell that house.

This photo was taken at The Factory at The Antiques at The Factory.  One of my favorite spots.

Even in decorating ginger jars make the perfect statement piece. They are timeless, true classic pieces can work with any décor styles. I have been seeing a lot of ginger jar lamps in home decor magazines lately. Ginger jars are a great way to add dimension to your space. For example in the spring and summer months I took the lids off and placed cherry blossoms. Again a true statement piece with spray of flowers. Where this winter I will keep the lids on the ginger jars for a whole new look.


Photo taken at Antiques At The Factory, just gorgeous

    This lovely photo was taken at one of my other  go-to places 

                   Scarlett Scales Antiques Franklin, TN

                      A beauiful look for any entry way.  

I love going to antique stores/ malls anyway. But now, I have been on the hunt for the ginger jars. New exciting part is finding what vendors have them in there booths, bringing home and finding the perfect placement.  If you would like help with your ginger jars call me...

Just remember they look good just about anywhere. Classic and beautiful centerpieces never go out of style. Off to go grow my collection.



Styling Tips for Spring

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Styling Tips for Spring

It's definitely Spring here in Tennessee. With that feeling I really like to change out a few items in my living room dining room and kitchen.

You really don't have to spend money to update your home for each season. I shop my house and pull from other rooms, and pull items out of storage closet.

Flowers- I think flowers when thinking of Spring. I use a few faux flowers in my house for decorating. I really like having fresh flowers in the kitchen. Living room, dining room and powder room. When having guest over or celebrating a special occasion. I think flowers make any home look better.  Here is a photo of fresh lavender I have in the kitchen.  

Changing out pillows- This is where I shop different rooms in my home. I pulled faux velvet pillows of my master room bed and added simple white pillows for spring.  For the living room I took off the faux white pillows put them in my decor closet. Took out a soft grey pillow. I did purchase buffalo plaid pillows covers  from Pottery Barn. For some texture to my sofa because it's a solid color.

Candles-By changing out you're candles, can change your mood. I have a friend and she doesn't change out her candles. She burns vanilla all year long. So if your like my friend, that is more than fine. But I change out my candles seasonal. It can effect your mood. Also, candles containers have gotten so pretty this is another way to add in that pop of color your looking to achieve with changing items out.

Kitchen displays- When going to the farmers market in the spring and summer. I love picking up fresh veggies and fruit. Grab a pretty bowl and display the veggie by your stove. Grab another bowl and display the fruit you purchased on your island. Not only does it look pretty, your adding that pop of color again. And making healthy eating choices.

Hope you got a few ideas for making your home refreshing this spring season. Thank you for stopping by.