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Enjoy your home

Styling and decorating can be overwhelming. Sometimes you know what you like, but aren't sure how to make it happen, and sometimes you have no idea what your style is and need help getting there. Everyone should walk into their home feeling comfortable, relaxed, and at home. JW Nash offers several decorating services that can help you achieve that level of comfort in your home.

Interior Decoratng

Interior Design Service and Re-Styling

Our home is our sanctuary. Where we live should reflect the special individuality of those who live there. We believe that a home is like a fingerprint – no two are exactly alike.


Whether your dream home is one for raising a family or the perfect downsized home to enjoy retirement, your home should reflect how you want to live, function, and feel.  JW Nash & Co. will evaluate your current inventory ‘style with what you have’  and work your design plan and creating the home of your dreams.  Your home should reflect your unique taste.  JW Nash is a certified color specialist in interior and exterior color palettes. Jamie can help be your color coach, selecting new furniture, lamps, curtains and accessories.

First we meet with our clients, understanding their wants and needs and overall goal of the project.  Then we discuss the overall budget.  That is when the fun and creative- juices start.  I like to first create the furniture layout and spacing in each room, then I come back in each space and create the design environment that flows comfortably throughout the spaces.  My focus is to create spaces that feel calming and welcoming.  I like to bring into the home those lifetime investment pieces, that my clients can enjoy for time to come. 


At JW Nash we make sure every detail is accounted for and can't wait for the reveal.  


  • $95+ per Hour

  • Mileage will be charged outside a 30- mile radius of Franklin, TN.

  • No room is too big or too small. JW Nash can work with your budget. You can choose to work with one room or the whole house.

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Holiday Decor Decorating
Foyer TGC tree .jpg

Holiday Décor Decorating

(Offered from October, November, and December)

When life is too busy on the holidays, call our ‘elves’ at JW Nash & Co. we can help. We offer full-service holiday decorating to residential or commercial places.  We design ‘your’ vision with trees, wreaths, garland and indoors decorations. 

JW Nash & Co. can help make the most of your holiday season, where you can still have time to enjoy the ‘best time of the year’.  Estimates will be given to the clients and more time may be required.

• $95+ per Hour, One Person

• $130+ per Hour for Two Stylists

Color Consultation

Are you not sure what paint selections or hardware finishes to choose?  We can walk you through the top selections and renovation trends in the current real estate market. 

Do you find yourself questioning what shade of white should I use?  Oh, my is there a pink undertone.  I am here to help you select the perfect color for your space. 


Coming into a client’s home and giving them guidance of on-trend paint colors for design or for staging their homes providing color harmonies with color balance throughout your home and color temperature within your home. $225.00+

Color Honey Farms .jpg
Color Consultation

E-Staging and Virtual Design

Provides a budget-friendly alternative to traditional interior design.  Drawn plan of furniture plan and all other item placement in the room. Can assist you in remote cities, proving a shopping list.  All you have to do is decide which room we are staring in. 

Price available upon request


Other Services

JW Nash & Co. provides as Household Manager- Manage the day to day operations; attend to the personal needs of the principals to deliver services in a manner that is prompt, discreet and professional. Additional information and price is available upon request. 

Other Services

All prices and services are subject to change. Please contact for more information. 

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